The fastest way to get multiple offers on your home.

Thinking About Selling Your Home?

There are options: 

  • You can sell in the most often chosen way - listing with a real estate professional. 
  • You can try FSBO (For Sale By Owner). 
  • Or, you can explore the iBuying options. We can help you with the first method and the last.

Whatever method you choose - you are in control and the decisions are yours!

What IS iBuying? 

In simple terms, there are technology based real estate companies that buy and sell homes for profit. If a seller wants to avoid the time and chores associated with listing and showing a home, these companies make a cash offer, you review the offers and choose a closing date. And then you move. 



Why work with us?

  • Of course you can do the iBuyer comparisons on your own - and deal separately with each one of them. Or, you can work with us and we seek out multiple offers. 
  • We show you those offers and compare them to what a more traditional way of selling may bring. 
  • You decide which is best for your situation.

With Texas iBuyer Offers, the process is quite simple...

  1. Share information about your home with us. We may be able to do this all by phone!
  2. Review offers. We'll go over the numbers with you. For FREE.
  3. Make your choice and if you accept an iBuyer offer, choose your closing date.


Professional Representation...

If you choose the more traditional route, we are Texas Licensed Professionals and ready to help. You do not need to start all over again. Either way, our GOAL is to create a smooth and seamless process. Who needs the stress of dealing with many resources?


Does the property qualify? 

    • Single Family Homes, Townhouses, Duplexes, and Condos. No pre-fab/mfgd/mobile homes. 
    • Homes built after 1960, a maximum of an acre of land and not in a flood zone.
    • Homes that do not have non-permitted additions, significant foundation issues, solar leases, or polybutylene plumbing.
    • Homes with clear title, non-distressed, and not leased at time of closing.

If the home does not meet the criteria?

We may still attempt to obtain offers from multiple sources on your behalf. If no iBuyer offers, we will suggest other options.  

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